The Beginning

I've been juicing for all most a year now.  After seeing Fat, Sick, & Nearly Dead Part 1 & 2, I looked into getting the Breville Juicer.  My thoughts were what's the worst that could happen since I knew I wasn't consuming enough fruits and veggies.  Also, I was starting to develop carpal tunnel and I'm way to young for that.  After babysitting every store looking for a sale, coupon or both, I ordered it via QVC with a rebate. A brief wait and reported UPS truck driver later - it was finally mine. Then became the daunting task of what to juice.  From orange juice to more complicated mixes of veggies with an apple for good measure I was hooked - until winter came and dried up the farmers market.  With meger picking and Kale gone til spring - my options were either Whole Foods, or allow my juicer to sit dormant until last frost.  Whole Foods being the expensive route, most other fruit departments looking like death - I didn't know what to do.  

On my annual trip to the Metro DC Cooking Show, a Vitamix demonstration changed my life. I watched in awe as it, created soup, drinks, sauce - my mind couldn't fathom the thought of this machine's capabilities. I've seen it before in stores before but never in action. I went home and started a world of google searches and blogger reviews. I was in love with everything except the sticker price.  C'mon, why do kitchen gadgets cost so much! I had a basic cuisinart blender that I tried to make a smoothie once with and gave up. Their was more mixture left in the container and the blend wasn't consistent. Not allowing my temporary lack of funds get in my way, I read and researched until I bit the bullet and ordered it directly from Vitamix.  (Thank you for the payment plan not advertised anymore but still available by phone) One of the best birthday presents to myself in years - I can now create smoothies, hot chocolate, soup, etc.  So now in the off season a smoothie will do when Leafy Kale King isn't in abundance to juice. 

Recording my juice or smoothie one glass at a time - Welcome to 30 Seconds on High