About Me

I bet you don’t like it when people tell you to keep quiet. Neither do I. Life is about expressing who you are and how you feel. My name is Jazmine Foxx and I voice my passion for life.

I’m a native New Yorker and graduate from the Fashion Institute of Technology. Creativity pulses through my body like a flooding river of raw emotion and soul. I believe it’s a gift which shouldn’t be tamed but rather shared with the world.

The fashionista in me offers an eager eye for colors, styling, and design. My up-and-coming Urban Couture line is called House of Xxpression and is influenced by high-end apparel and urban wear of the past.  The brand mirrors my belief that a woman’s body is a work of art and her passion, beauty, and allure should be reflected within and without.  I want the spotlight on you when you arrive at your prom, at a black-tie event or step on the red carpet.  Watch this space for more on my enticing, new line.

I also express my truth through my words, spoken aloud or on a written page. I have published a book of poetry called Just a Thought; a straightforward, sincere dialogue on social conscience and the human condition.  Give it a read, if you’d like.

Let’s connect, if you’re passionate about life, like me.