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Apply to the Pit

It’s June, the sun is trying to shine in NYC, the trees have already given us allergies and it is graduation season. Back when college was just the spoon-fed thing to do by guidance counselors and worried parents, a four year degree meant something to employers. It set you up for a 25k-40k job and most of my friends was starting the career arena upside down compared to their student loan. In my eyes, college always meant debt but this isn’t about me or Sally Mae who is my cousin at Christmas every year looking for a handout or a plate.

So with all this debt people look for a decent job, hopefully fulfilling so they can support families and themselves. However in the last 10 years the spindle broke. Now millennials have hiring powers and companies do not want to pay for talent. Job descriptions now include ‘stylist’ for sales associates which to any real stylist that does merchandise pulls and works on photoshoots or privately for a client that is an insult. A coordinator role was entry level – now titles are now associate and senior coordinator what the hell happened to manager? Am I suppose to stay a minion forever? And I can not speak for other states but in NYC if you live in any Boro without your lease in some senior citizens name that maybe deceased your rent isn’t cheap. The norm I believe is 50-70% on your income on rent and remainder on whatever you can actually manage. Slather that with low income jobs 50k ain’t doing shit for anyone unless they live with family, I sense a recession on the horizon.

Saving the entrepreneurial spirit for another post, one applies for employment. Now there are fake job post like a bad dating app, recruiters lying through the phone just to get you in the office for no reason – all this technology and they still can’t Skype or Facetime, HR managers still don’t read resumes, transferable skills are out the window I hope you like the career path you chose because switching isn’t happening unless you have friend or lover in very high places then this post doesn’t apply to you. But for the majority trying to be better at the rat race til better can be done, what is one to do?

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