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So I just realized over 5,000 photos in my phone, I only shared one photo of my last vacation last year. I guess when I unplug from the world, I don’t care about transparency . I rather be in the moment. This trip was the first time I got sick on a trip, in a […]

Apply to the Pit

It’s June, the sun is trying to shine in NYC, the trees have already given us allergies and it is graduation season. Back when college was just the spoon-fed thing to do by guidance counselors and worried parents, a four year degree meant something to employers. It set you up for a 25k-40k job and […]

New Chapter

I have been always the unofficial hobo. I have moved over 8x times in 10 years. All of my life has been living out of a suitcase with moments of temporary stability. I always felt like I never belonged anywhere. When I was in middle school I hated where I lived. I didn’t understand the […]


So the lunar eclipse was last week (Jan 21) and I couldn’t sleep for a week. For a full 5 days, every night toss and turn, turn and toss. It was starting to piss me off around day three. I mediated, walked, colored, nothing was working. WTF! Most eclipses make people feel a bit on […]