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So the lunar eclipse was last week (Jan 21) and I couldn’t sleep for a week. For a full 5 days, every night toss and turn, turn and toss. It was starting to piss me off around day three. I mediated, walked, colored, nothing was working. WTF! Most eclipses make people feel a bit on […]

Farmers Market

I’m no stranger to the farmer’s market. After watching sick, fat and nearly dead I got a juicer and started my way on a juicing journey which cleared up my skin, reversed my new onset of carpal tunnel, and just gave me energy. It was my first time exposing myself to all different types of […]

You & I

We Me See There isn’t an I in team  However it’s always me  Perceived selfish need When the smoke clears  I  I’m the only one  I’m doing every thing Where there was a U You made a U-turn the other way So when I say me I say thank you  For leaving me To be […]