Cheers to the Wreaking Ball


Cheers to the Wreaking Ball

"Hulk SMASH!"- Bruce Banner/The Hulk

The feeling of anxiety and depression is a hiccup away this holiday season so I booked an appointment at the Wreaking Ball. Therapy isn’t really an option right now due to my lack-luster benefits. I googled it many moons ago but never fully looked into it. They arm you with a helmet, goggles, and construction gloves and let you get to work. Depending on the package you choose, you can smash dishes, dismantle computer monitors and/or printers and probably punch the walls while listening to your favorite playlist on your iphone. How did I get here? What pushed me over the edge? Way too many thoughts with not enough answers. Yes, one can yoga and meditate it away or call a girlfriend up and kill a few bottles of wine however there are times when you just need to sign-up for a kickboxing class, scream or break some shit. Armed with a sledge hammer and the Hit It & Quit It package, I went to town. I felt better afterwards. No, it didn’t resolve any of my core issues, Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither attempting to fix the turmoil of my life. However in this moment, I found a new way of finding peace and left a few dents on the wall.

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