D.I.M (Do It Myself)


D.I.M (Do It Myself)

D.I.M (Do It Myself)

When I ask you for assistance

I get the reply

Give me 5 minutes

Or a day

Or a nod

Not even a handshake

Will I ever be on your agenda

This calendar year?

Or should I file my request quarterly

And pray I win the lottery

To get help from you

At the end of the day

I’m backed into the corner of

Figuring it out

One way or another

Since help isn’t on the way

I get creative and tenacious

By myself

And simply fall into the

I’ll do it myself

By taking on extremes

It looks like I’m more

Well rounded then the next human being


By being let down

Fell down

One too many times

Started to realize why ask

When I won’t receive

I’ll figure it out myself

I’ma capable human being

Whether I over pay

Takes longer to put 200 pieces together

Than the recommended time

After two glasses of wine

I’m putting my mind at work

Instead of waiting


For someone who by

This time has won the


You are a complete jerk award

For never coming thru on your word

If I wanted to be lied to

And mislead

I would have conversations with

The walking dead

Instead I’m stuck

From one extreme of

I have to do everything


Damn babe,

You won’t let me help you in anyway

First reaction

For what?

The pail is in the corner so you can bail

Not doing me any favors

With your empathy

I desire real sympathy and concern

How ‘bout you do it yourself

Before I even ask

And show any signs of

Emotional net worth

But since I’m left with a shitty


And a dial tone ending with

Let me get back to you

I guess I’ll just

Do it myself

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