Gettin’ Dressed for Work


Gettin’ Dressed for Work

What do you wear to work?

In an industry that business casual means jeans, blazer and heels – there is tons of grey area in human resources manuals.  So when my old boss told me they were in a staff meeting and someone brought up my attire is unacceptable I had to pause and think.  If I’m getting up going in my closet or lack there of and coming here looking the same like the girl in accounting or the marketing team what is different t except my body shape.  Unfortunately the plain dress looks different on me because of my curves- so should I dress corporate in a non-corporate environment just because they want me to coverup my ass? I haven’t worn booty shorts, a mini that flashes everyone every time I bent over or my favorite infamous deep v-neck that leaves little to the imagination. So what is a girl to do?  I could have a chat with HR,  I could blow a check on clothes and say this will teach people to pick on me or do absolutely nothing.  Don’t feel like I’ll get resolve with either option. When vague plagues the mind and no one pinpoints hair, nails, blouse, – it would have been better to be pulled off to the side by the person who actually feels that way vs hearing third party who is clearly uncomfortable with discussing dress attire.

Currently I work in a non-dress code environment and I think it a better fit.  Jeans and a tee is all you’re getting out of me.



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