Incapable Love


Incapable Love

What does I love you really mean?

Why can’t you say your incapable of loving me

You fucked friends of mine

With the emotionally unavailable sign on your forehead

Why do you insist on lying to me for?

Am I suppose to fall head over heels

Because you say that you love me?

Actions speak louder than words

So when you had a baby by her did you love me then?

When you said give me time to make our situation right

So you could sweep your insecurities back under the rug

Was love the fuel for that fire?


Incapable means unable to do something or achieve


So is I love you

A blanket statement your inability to grow the fuck up

And become a man that you seek out to be

Or the fear of staring in the mirror and admitting to yourself

I don’t know what I wanna be when I grow up

So I won’t

I can’t

I will drag whoever and whatever

Through the mud with me

Because standing up clean and whole is foreign territory to me

So while your incapable of giving me something money can’t buy

What am I suppose to do this whole time?



Steal affection from someone else?

Bottle up all my emotions inside since

Love deals with communication

And since all you do is lie

Why would I want to confide in someone

That don’t even know what do to with my heart

I mind as well put a pin in it

And deflate the one day and what ifs

Because apparently

That ship has set sail

The only thing left to do now is bail

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