A version of love


A word



One that I lacked 

Searched empty vessels & souls

Tryna fulfill a need that 

No one can meet

Close my eyes on the times

Of how many ‘I love you’

Were spoken past age maybe 9

Count on my hand 

The phrase meaningless


Dare me to say it

Maybe with a straight face

Poker face

Or out of the sheer notion of politeness

I’m doing it for you

My heart and words aren’t lined accordingly 


For me to be sincere enough

I love you

Been dreaming of an experience 

To equate love to

Guess, I love my makeup

And dedication to work

More than a person

Apply love to a breathing soul

And my dog receives love and affection 


Apply it to a person

I’ve been empty since the time I was made

How to fix it 

How to be resourceful

And say 

I love you

Eh, dare to remain this way

Does love even want me

Or want to swing my way 

For an occasional hey

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