Apple Pickin'

I've been dying to go apple pickin' since forever - finally I had a weekend to go on an adventure.  I packed up the clan and headed North as in Metro-North.  After a little Google search and Yelpin' reviews- I decided on Harvest Moon Farm & Orchard. I was sold at dog friendly and pay by the bag not by the pound. A short cab pool ride with some dog friendly folks, I wasn't in Kansas anymore. The land of apples and pumpkin patches awaited us.  Four different types of apples, a couple of pears and a glass of apple cider later, I was exhausted. Now comes the excited part of figuring out what do do with all my prized possessions.




When it rains, it pours

Then you ask yourself could it get any worse

Then it decides to flood

Trying looking at the positive

When there's negativity is all around,

I couldn't say the shit is easy.

Many days throwing in the towel

Or setting the shit on fire

Might give short term satisfaction

But for the completely driven

It would drive controllable anger and passion

To stride to do better

Create a new way out of no way

In essence, I'm too far gone to quit

I wish my motivation was a person or people

To have my own squad of cheerleaders -

Pom poms and dance routines when I gained an inch or yard

Of advancement but it's not

Wish I could tell a fairy tale story of a specific event

With a happy ending

But it only works in Disney movies

Pen down one cause?

I think I've come to terms

It's in my blood and breathe - passion


Back in the Swing of Things

Feeling somewhere between deprived of expressing creativity and a need to get out of the city, a day trip to Pennsylvania with a bunch of photographers and hand full of models is just what I needed. No real rhyme or reason to work on anything in particular, I was just along for the ride. Leaving the crack of dawn just to arrive after 11am, the madness was about to begin.  I managed to accomplish a handful of photos for editorial submissions and played the rest of the day away. 


Water Breaks are still subject to photo 'ops

Water Breaks are still subject to photo 'ops

Cartwheels in the field

Cartwheels in the field

I was completely exhausted at the end but it will all pan out in the end. 

Time to go home

Time to go home