When it rains, it pours

Then you ask yourself could it get any worse

Then it decides to flood

Trying looking at the positive

When there's negativity is all around,

I couldn't say the shit is easy.

Many days throwing in the towel

Or setting the shit on fire

Might give short term satisfaction

But for the completely driven

It would drive controllable anger and passion

To stride to do better

Create a new way out of no way

In essence, I'm too far gone to quit

I wish my motivation was a person or people

To have my own squad of cheerleaders -

Pom poms and dance routines when I gained an inch or yard

Of advancement but it's not

Wish I could tell a fairy tale story of a specific event

With a happy ending

But it only works in Disney movies

Pen down one cause?

I think I've come to terms

It's in my blood and breathe - passion