New Chapter

I have been always the unofficial hobo. I have moved over 8x times in 10 years. All of my life has been living out of a suitcase with moments of temporary stability. I always felt like I never belonged anywhere. When I was in middle school I hated where I lived. I didn’t understand the […]

You & I

We Me See There isn’t an I in team  However it’s always me  Perceived selfish need When the smoke clears  I  I’m the only one  I’m doing every thing Where there was a U You made a U-turn the other way So when I say me I say thank you  For leaving me To be […]


Torn Been torn down more than times  Than I been lifted Been abused more times than loved And yet I wonder  WTF is wrong with me  I’m tired of the blame The guilt trips  That pin me down as the blame  When I’ve done nothing wrong  Died more times Than I’ve been alive  Alone more […]