Real Black Man


Real Black Man

On some sort of remote barren wasteland

Tryna come back home

Maybe he’s not

There’s too many prototypes


Blocking his road

His destiny

For him to come home


The real black man is rare to find

Feel like they are lurking in caves

Or underground

I don’t know what it is like to be a man


I can tell you

I’m lost just like the rest


I don’t know who my dad was


I was still embodied with common sense

A real man’s appearance

Jeans around his ankles

Mind as well should be chains

These boys today only have a date with a grave

A plot that once upon a time

It was a pit

Didn’t they use to burn us?

We didn’t deserve the energy to be in a personalized plot

To rot

Like today’s corrupt mind

A man can’t even open a door for a woman

He only cares about a woman’s behind

He done shaped and molded his surrounds to the point

The immaturity is tolerated


Even the real few black men left

Won’t even challenge the score

Women just say I want a man

But have no true definition

Or what that really means


Does he drive a suburban?

Or that black SUV

Doesn’t care he lives with his momma at 33

He just takes care of me

Chick Please!

Wake up and smell the coffee

You’ll settle for a rugged goatee

No home training but

Dreams about Bentleys and becoming an all-star

He’s so off into the far

He doesn’t even know if all his kids will fit into that raggedy car

But here you are

Settling for less than what your worth

No wonder

There aren’t enough real black men

Walking the earth

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