Recovering from 2018

This holiday I had wine, glasses upon glasses of wine. Something about hiding my true emotions in every glass kept me afloat this year. It kept me from saying the first thoughts in my head and being that person at the dinner party who causes a scene. Never intended to drink that much but I survived, and now it’s time to deal with the aftermath. A complete reset.

Switching from liquor to green juice

Unfortunately, I’m not the super hyped its a new year, new me person. I’m more of the realistic soul who knew she would be nursing a hangover and in utter need of some sleep. I also knew going back to work after a long holiday was gonna drain my soul to pieces. How do I do my job again? I also knew the way my check was set up I wasn’t financially prepared to start a juice cleanse or anything on the 2nd either. My rent got paid though. I can work on myself later. Starting in small steps back to how I used to be. Queen of smoothies and juices. Taking the pressure off myself, let’s just work in seven day intervals. One smoothie in the morning or after work everyday. My Vitamix has been silently guilt tripping me every time I pass the kitchen. I have the appliances to make whatever I want but the desire hasn’t been there for a long time. But as I hear the blades power up and find it’s 60 second rhythm I realize it’s never too late to start again.

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