Dating someone whose not worth your time

So I’m worth 10

Settle for a 2

1 too many requests

I must be askin’ from you

2 many lies of

Why you’re my boo

But treat me like a hoe

In second class

In a third world country

Out the blue

Can’t even say to my face

I don’t want your face

Your body

Your mind

Can’t even look me in the eye

And say

Yes, I’ma complete waste of your time

No game

No gimmick

I just want to string you along

Because I’m psychotic in my thoughts

Settle for intelligence

Is negligence

Like a high risk credit score

Mind as well be immigrant and

Run for the border

Settled for what

For you to confuse my mind

If you’re not here for my mind or sex

Then there’s nothing left except vex my inner being

Because I’m seeing clearly

You are a man that will never withstand

A clear-cut definition

Of an equal

You stand in quicksand

As your mind settles and rots

In a plot that will be your tomb

Think I’m here to entertain you?

I have enough problems and issues on my own

This here is a college elective

I’m dropping

Giving me no reason

To pick up the bootleg or the real DVD copy

Of why

Give another minute with you 

My emotions settled

My heart unsettled

Stir the kettle

Because whatever I’m thinking or feeling

I’ma blow back at you

I know you have no answers

I know you know no truths

Blank stare

Reality check

It’s ok

If I’m upsetting you

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