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Torn Been torn down more than times  Than I been lifted Been abused more times than loved And yet I wonder  WTF is wrong with me  I’m tired of the blame The guilt trips  That pin me down as the blame  When I’ve done nothing wrong  Died more times Than I’ve been alive  Alone more […]

Real Black Man

On some sort of remote barren wasteland Tryna come back home Maybe he’s not There’s too many prototypes Clones Blocking his road His destiny For him to come home Here The real black man is rare to find Feel like they are lurking in caves Or underground I don’t know what it is like to […]

Et Tu, Brute

Confided in you Believed in you Supported your decisions Like my own inner being Yet I’m the one hurt Soul destroyed Shell-shocked upon belief Why you too? Thought I had a strong right hand Someone to block the nonsense Shut down the haters But Lying in the mist You was the ring leader of the […]