Been torn down more than times 

Than I been lifted

Been abused more times than loved

And yet I wonder 

WTF is wrong with me 

I’m tired of the blame

The guilt trips 

That pin me down as the blame 

When I’ve done nothing wrong 

Died more times

Than I’ve been alive 

Alone more days in a relationship

Than together 

Numb to the words I love you 

Barren to future dreams 

Broken promises scattered across 

The sea of the abyss of what was 

Furious at what is

Don’t know what’s next 

The unknown should thrill me 

Torn of glass

Half empty or half full

Thoughts flood my mind 

Can’t even shed tears 

Of joy or pain 

Detached from it all

Reading about love seems like a foreign language I can’t interpret 

Fully aware of the deep abyss of 

What I’ve endured 

Lost sleep over 

I’ve been wanting stability for years 

And still never able to hold it 

Grasp it 

Put it in a jar 

Been trying to hold it together 

Since everyone else it seems is allowed stability


Of what is


What could be

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